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Wednesday Elektra 
exposed & candid

Founder and Producer of the AID FOR BANDS website.

Interviewed by: Benny Meloche ~aka~
Ichabod Krane

Monday, February 26, 2001


<Benny> We are here today with the one and only Shylord ~aka~ Wednesday Elektra, the successful promoter and producer of the very popular Aid for Bands website. Wednesday also contributes heavily to two popular E-Zines.

<Wednesday> :)

<Benny> So wazzup girl? lmao

<Wednesday> :p (flashes Benny w/green smirking icon face) What kinda question is that??? Hahaha...

<Benny> A dumb ass Q! hehe

<Benny> I'd have to say that green face kinda goes with the pic I have of you with the green hair.

<Wednesday> Ya, greens my color ;)

<Benny> Any particular reasons? I mean isn't that the colour of envy or something?

<Wednesday> Is it? Well then I should be doing all my Klutching Envy logos in green! Hahaha...Actually, I never much liked the color green unless it's bright lime green. My fave colors are red, black and blue.

<Benny> Ah! I see! Most of the music and bands you follow seem to have that dark mystical sort of aura about that an accurate perception?

<Wednesday> Ya, most of them do. I have a few 'happy' pop kinda bands that don't fall under that category but a majority of the bands seem to be into the 'Gothy' kinda category.

<Wednesday> I've been getting a lot of metal bands these days.

<Benny> Right. Do you consider yourself t as being Gothic as well Wednesday?

<Wednesday> Fake Goth! Hahaha...I'm very versatile, I have a habit of either sticking out from my surroundings or blending in. I was never really into the whole Goth thing, like I didn't run around on a daily basis wearing white face paint and black lipstick. Pretty much only on 'special occasions'. Most of the times I'm just a slob! Hahaha

<Benny> HAHA...Gotcha!! ;-)

<Wednesday> :p

<Wednesday> Most of my clothes are black or red. As funny as that is.

<Benny> So you'd consider yourself to be a sort of chameleon then...ala David Bowie...he's also very much in that sort of persona.

<Benny> Not that you'd be confused as being a male if nobody knew better! After all I do know what you really look like! Ooohhhh! la la ...hehehe.

<Wednesday> Yep that sounds more like me :) I think it also depends on what mood I'm in. I'm really a lazy person. So if I don't have to dress up I'm not gonna bother to do so!

<Benny> Sounds like we have a few things in pad isn't just has that lived in look ;-)

<Wednesday> We prolly do :)

<Benny> Yeah...So how is the Band-Aid Project coming along?

<Wednesday> Wow, since I first started it like 6 years ago, in just the past 2 years it's grown from 3 bands to 40+ now. It's a lot of hard work, but it's just too much fun. I luv every moment I spend on it. And I'm sure the bands are enjoying it also. They're extremely spoiled from all the work I've done :)

<Benny> WOWOW! You're really moving along on that project now. I've heard you're also managing an E-zine these days as well? Why don't you tell us a little bit about that and maybe let everyone know what your links are as well.

<Wednesday> Ya, I've been slacking off with the 2 e-zines I help out with. is Bleeding Minds e-zine. But I haven't submitted anything to that since last year.

<Wednesday> The other is Project:Eclipse, which I did do some updates to in Jan, and earlier this month.

<Wednesday> Basically I handle the band information on the Bleeding Minds one and for P:E I do information and interviews, as well as maintaining the website and any questions people have about it along with the usual promo work.

<Benny> Kewl...sounds like you really have your plate full between that and the Bandaid site.

<Wednesday> Ya, but that stuff is fun too :)

<Wednesday> My other personal sites haven't been touched in awhile. Don't really have the time to maintain them. Especially when I work on AFB every single day.

<Benny> Yea, I know what u how's the schooling been going for you? I have heard we should expect to see some flash work on your web perhaps as early as the fall of 2001?

<Wednesday> School's chaotic right now. My March break is next week so the prof's are laying down the projects, assign's and stuff. And ya, hopefully there will be some kickin' intro to AFB in the near future:)

<Benny> That's cool.....I have the flash5 software myself but I still have trouble grasping simple Java-script mouse overs (dubious smirkage)...I'm sure you can relate to that!!

<Wednesday> *snickers* Ya, that's a bugger and a half right now. I think it's the most discouraging thing when u just cant figure out what's wrong no matter how basic it is! It could be like one character that messes up the whole thing :(

<Benny> Right! It's usually staring you straight in the face. The next day you look at it and the answer was right there the whole time!...lmao. I understand a few of your pet bands are on their way to Toronto in April y2k01 to do some shows...why don't you let us know a little bit about that.

<Wednesday> Whew, ya, miQ, Static Eden, and 11:11 - which I thought was an interesting combo, are doing a gig on April 19th at The Reverb in TO.

<Benny> That's terrific...The Reverb is a great music venue!

<Wednesday> Cool. Ya the gig dates page on the website is growing like mad. Lots of bands that aren't even ours are showing up there :)

<Benny> Thats great...I'm sure the hit counter is going crazy at your website these days. You certainly have plenty of acts showcased there now.

<Wednesday> Well, I hope so! Hahaha...the site is getting to the point where it's promoting itself. Ya, there's 43 bands currently up there that are ours and there are well over 100 bands that have left their mark in the FFA links section (free 4 all)...all the websites linked on AFB I've been to personally. I always take the time to personally visit the bands links that come to the site and leave their mark.

<Benny> I've known you since my days in Ottawa when you used to bug me about finding some new bands for your've managed very well....and I've crossed the country like 3 or 4 times now and we've always kept in contact. It's been great to watch things grow for you at AFB...what do you see the near future bringing to you?

<Wednesday> Hopefully become an A&R Rep at Cleopatra Records.

<Benny> That would be a very cool gig for you Wednesday!

<Wednesday> Hahahaha...but as if that's gonna happen. I'll prolly just continue on supporting my bands and helping out any new bands that come my way :)

<Benny> So you'd like to be travelling around the globe viewing and signing new acts for the label?

<Wednesday> I think that would be cool. I love travelling and I love music. So maybe it'll happen :)

<Benny> Yea, I've seen a lot of funny things happen in this business.

<Wednesday> Hehehe...I bet.

<Benny> Travel and music go hand in hand.... It's not always money in hand....hehehe...gas money, a pack of smokes and a few beers...maybe some new guitar strings...lmao!!!

<Wednesday> Ya, I'm not in it for the money. I'm just there for the bands. Moral support I guess u can call it :)

<Wednesday> Some of the bands support me more than I support them! How funny is that?

<Benny> You're lucky to have their support. That's a good thing for any band. Usually ego's get in the way of the realization of who is actually helping who!

<Wednesday> Ya, I've had a few brushes with egos in my 6 years. Those are never fun times!! But we always manage to work out the differences :)

<Benny> Hehehe...enuff said there!

<Wednesday> Ya :) Hehehe...

<Benny> So can we expect any big surprises coming up on your websites in the near future?

<Wednesday> Hum, not sure what's gonna be popping up on the AFB site in the future. I'm currently trying to arrange online chats with the fans/bands and me.

<Benny> I think interviews with the bands would be a great thing for them and for your website as well.

<Wednesday> Ya, we're currently starting that up again. We have a Blind Before Dawn and Into Darkness interview session coming up :) I'll be working on that over the March 2001 spring break :)

<Benny> It would give a new fan or potential fan an insight as to who they are and what drives their music etc...

<Wednesday> There's 2 interviews up on the site right now. White Wire and New Damage. And I have yet to get The Flatliners, Loganseed, Broken Down and Pain and it's a relief the interviews are up.

<Benny> That's fantastic Wednesday.....Loganseed eh?'s the Plookster these days?

<Wednesday> I haven't talked to Drew in awhile. Everyone seems to be super busy with new albums these days.

<Wednesday> Their official website is looking good tho :)

<Benny> I saw them in Ottawa at the infamous and now defunct HI-FI Club and really enjoyed myself...great bunch of Kats...I should take a look at their's been over 2 yrs since I've seen any of them.

<Wednesday> I've never met any of my bands so u got me on that one! Hahaha...

<Benny> Hehehe...not to worry.....Perhaps you'll have to organize a "Wednesday-Pallooza" and have them all play on the bill!

<Wednesday> Ya, I was thinking about having an AFB tour but who's gonna pay for that?? Hahaha...

<Benny> Sponsorship girl!....nobody does a tour without corporate sponsorship anymore.

<Wednesday> Ya, I know.

<Wednesday> Do you know what I remember most about my bands? I remember all their URLs, email addys and what genre of music they are. That's actually quite a lot to remember!!

<Benny> You've got some hard workin' grey matter doubt about that.

<Wednesday> Hehehehe...they're always workin' :)

<Benny> Dedication and perseverance will get you everywhere!

<Wednesday> I got the dedicated part down. Hehehe... I still got a loooonnnnngggg way to go yet tho.

<Benny> will we being graced with your presence here in Toronto this April when your bands hit town?

<Wednesday> Depends on whether I'm done school then. I know my exams are in April but I don't know when. Hopefully they'll be over and done with so I can go!

<Benny> Oh yea...I'm sure ya can always climb up onto a dusty old Marshall stack and study in the back of the van on the way down!

<Wednesday> Hahaha.... That'd be too much fun and excitement for me to get any studying done.

<Benny> lmao!! Yer comin' in loud'n'clear now!

<Wednesday> Hehehe....

<Benny> Well...anything else you'd like the viewers to read about B4 we wrap up this interview Wednesday?

<Wednesday> Hum, not really. :) Hehehe ;p

<Benny> OK Alrighty then!

<Wednesday> Actually. I think they should check out the AFB stations. and

<Wednesday> They're lotsa fun :)

<Benny> :-)~ This has been a lot of fun and very insightful Wednesday. Please go and visit these websites people. This is one very dedicated and hard working lady here. She displays a true and honest devotion to her passion.... MUZIK!!! Wednesday has devoted a lot of her time and effort into bringing some of the very best in the indie music scene to a lot of folks who otherwise might never have the chance to hear about these young artists!


<Wednesday> Thanx Benny :) u rule!!!

<Benny> Hehehe...YW & Thx Shylord! Peace...cya soon somewhere in cyberspace!

<Wednesday> See ya!!! xoxox

<Benny> :-)) xoxox